A Romantic Getaway in Chamonix France

"The spectacular eternal splendor of the icy slopes of Mont Blanc highlighted the beauty of her luxurious hair. You love her hair. But you acknowledge that the little glitters of the winter sun could not compete with the sizzling charm of her face.

You looked at her dark eyes that held mysteries you wanted to discover. The silky softness of her skin matched her sensual personality. And her hands ? her hands are busy wielding the fork against the mixed salad and local ham. Your eyes rapidly traveled upwards and riveted on her lips.

It was indeed a cheese party for two. So far, you've tried goat's milk cheese, Reblochon cheese, and Tomme cheese. And your guts tell you that for dessert, she might choose the L'assiette des Alpages, which translates into Alpine pasture cheese platter. Cheese is one of the major features of the French traditional Savoyarde food. And at almost 8,300 feet above sea level, it makes sense to have an energy-dense food like cheese to be one of the favorites.

The locals also love pizza, pasta, and sausages. Perfect slopes for all skiers Then you mentally shrugged your shoulders. After all, this is Chamonix France, a mountain town that combined the rustic charm of a traditional French village, as well as the worldly sophistication of a robust tourism business.

The main attraction is the Alps, the chain of rugged mountain slopes that created 145 exhilarating ski trails. The most popular ones are found in the areas of Vallée-Blanche, Grands Montets, and Le Brevent. Splendor of cultural activities at Chamonix France Chamonix France is not just a skiing Mecca.

It is a multi-cultural melting pot because it has attracted travelers from all over the world. Its easy accessibility from Italy and Switzerland makes it easier for travelers to make a stopover. And even if skiing is not your favorite cup of tea, Chamonix has other things to offer.

For example, a connoisseur of ales and pilsners will be impressed by the collection of MBC, a microbrewery. An avid photographer would want to ride the red cog-wheel train just to take pictures of the magnificent Sea of Ice, which is also known as the Mer de Glace glacier. And a history buff would be surprised to know that some ski resorts in Chamonix boast of two centuries of existence. You can check this out from the Alpine Museum. Luxury and skiing go hand-in-hand at Chamonix All four-star Chamonix hotels, such as the Auberge de Bois Prin, offer luxurious accommodations and amenities. The three-star hotels, such as the Hermitage, are mostly found within the center of Chamonix.

And the rest of Chamonix hotels are chalets and houses that have been renovated and modernized to meet the needs of the growing tourism industry. During winter, many Chamonix hotels offer vacation deals and discounts. ".

"OBS company (Slovenia) is owner of international online booking system, which offers Chamonix hotels booking and skiing vacations. "

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