Avoiding All Possible Faults and Solving Them

Have you been face with problems like lunging at the foul line, turning the ball too soon, overturning the ball, wrong finishing position, lack of concentration, tightening up in the delivery, etc. You can the remedies to all these faults and problems when playing. Read more to get you better prepared for the next time these problems come up. Lunging at the foul line Not only beginners, but even those who have been bowling for years, often lunge at the foul line, which throws off the timing, makes the delivery jerky, forces the bowler to snap the ball and, as a result, makes a smooth follow-through impossible.

REMEDY. Make each step deliberate and smooth, and every motion flowing. Remember that your slide to the foul line is merely a smooth glide intended to bring your left foot, your body, and the ball up to the foul line in a natural, easy motion which imparts the necessary momentum to the ball. Turning the ball too soon Here is a fault that makes your hook erratic and inconsistent.

Sometimes it will "take" and sometimes it won't, because the ball is spinning like a top, and anything can happen. This is also a common cause of sore thumbs, because the ball rotates on the thumb instead of off the fingers. It also brings about a poor follow-through. REMEDY. Turn your ball after it has passed your left foot.

Overturning the ball This results from snapping, twisting, or jerking the ball at the moment of release trying to put too much "stuff" on it. Bear in mind that you cannot "lift" or roll the ball when you force it. REMEDY. Let the ball do the work.

Let your thumb and fingers come out of the ball easily and smoothly. Try to make the re- lease a "flowing" motion. Wrong finishing position This could describe any of the positions of a bowler whose left knee is not bent, whose body is not bent from the waist down, whose left foot is parallel to the line, or whose shoulders are not parallel to the line. His right foot may have swung so far around that his body is turned sideways, and his right arm may finish out of line, too high or too low. REMEDY.

Finish with your left foot pointing straight forward, left knee bent, body bent from the waist down, shoulders squared to the foul line, right leg in back of you but not necessarily touching the floor, and the right arm extended straight out toward your target as though reaching for the pin or pins you are attempting to hit. Lack of concentration How often one sees a bowler who apparently is trying to keep up his social contacts when he is up there ready to bowl! In other words, when he should be concentrating all his thoughts on the pins down there at the end of the lane, he is joking with his teammates or opponents, talking to the fellow on the next lane, or letting his eyes roam around to see who the latest arrivals might be. REMEDY. When you step up onto the approaches, banish from your mind every thought except how to topple those pins.

Try to recall how your ball acted on this lane previously. If you are shooting a spare, be sure to play it from the correct angle. Confine your entire thinking to the length and width of the alley itself. Tightening up in the delivery This usually manifests itself at the start in a jerky motion, and at the finish in an unnatural delivery.

There is no smoothness apparent anywhere, for one must be relaxed to be smooth. REMEDY. When you feel yourself tightening up, stop a moment and relax. Then take up a comfortable starting position, tell yourself that you are going to concentrate on smoothness and timing, and then get your approach under way with a short, deliberate, first step.

So prepares your mind that you can solve the possible problems when you come across them, because if there is a problem there is a solution to the problem. Try to play the bowling game without committing faults and even that arises know what remedies you can apply for it.

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