Baby Shower Planning Tips for a Great Baby Shower

Everyone has been to a baby shower that was boring and not much fun. They may have laughed and tried to make it work for the mother-to-be, but really did not have a good time. This is because baby showers, like any type of function or party needs some basic planning and researching to ensure that it is fun for everyone. One of the first things to do is take the mother to be to a store and have her spend an afternoon making a wish list about midway through the pregnancy or as soon as preparations begin. There are many stores that allow her to do this electronically.

It saves her information, and even family across the country to access the list at their local store or online. As each item is purchased it disappears from the list, so there are fewer repeat and more variety of presents at the shower. After the registry or wish list is completed, then the mother-to-be is kept out of the loop. For the planner the busy part of planning the shower is just beginning.

The planner needs to find a location for the party, make a guest list, pick the timeframe, and decide on food, drinks, and snacks, as well as the games and prizes for the winners. The first thing to do is create a guest list. Enlist the help of the mothers-to-be husband or some other person living with her to help.

Get the names and addresses from her address book, stop by her work, if possible, and find out who her friends are there. Go ahead and purchase the invitations and Thank You cards, however, before you send out the invitations is it important to look at the size of the list and pick a location to have the baby party. Location of a shower can be a person's home, a small conference room at a club or hotel, or a local hall that rents out a multipurpose room. With the guest list is it best to figure about 2/3 of the invited guests will arrive.

This gives you an idea as to the size of location you will need. You will want enough room for everyone to sit down and enjoy themselves, a place to set out snacks, food, cake and drinks, and a place to set the presents. Select the location and schedule it. Now it is time to send out the invitations. Once the invitations are sent, preparing for the food and drinks, as well as games comes next.

Keep in mind the age group of the guest list and make sure you have snacks, and drinks that will accommodate all guests. The same should go with the games you decide to play. The mother's-to-be grandmother may be attending and she may not enjoy the same thing as the 18-year-old niece. Keep this in mind and create a wide variety of games and refreshments that everyone attending the baby shower will enjoy, especially the guest of honor.

The day before the shower, pick up the balloons, and some prizes for the games. Unique and interesting prizes can always be found at dollar stores. Preparing everything the day before, will allow you to set up and get ready without feeling rushed.

This relaxed attitude will roll over into the baby party, and help create a baby shower to remember.

Terry Baeseman is a freelance writer, contributor, and editor of Little Baby Showers and can be reached at

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