Convenience trust and value when you shop

Online malls offer many choices of brands, colors, styles, sizes and features that you may not find at a local retailer. Whether you're buying an iPod Nano with an LCD screen, and iPod video or other related electronics, you can almost always find what you need at an online mall, and often at a great price! Online shopping is popular because it is quick and easy to do. The online shopping mall is the place look-like department store or supermarket. Customers simply log on to the store's website and select items to purchase.

Websites usually display a padlock or some other kind of security symbol to allay the fears of potential buyers. Most of these websites will inform you that you are entering a secure page and will also inform you when you leave it. Web sites will ask you to put your merchandise in an online shopping cart, or shopping bag. You can remove or review these items at any time during the purchase process.

When the virtual shopping cart is full, the customer clicks on the "Pay" button. Online shopping mall features many discount stores, find bargains from gifts to makeup and save on books, printer ink cartridges, cosmetics and fine jewelry. Shop for airline tickets, hotels and travel deals. With respect to product perceptions, consumers were impressed by the breadth of stores on the World Wide Web. The shopping experience was reported to be generally enjoyable.

Consumers also reported that they could perceive the potential for time savings and reduced effort compared with traditional forms of shopping, but that, at present, goal-directed shopping was difficult. Nearly everyone in the sample had something negative to say about customer service on the World Wide Web, judging that the sites were not designed to be responsive to their needs and that the presentation of goods and services seemed intangible. Online discounts, are not so quick and easy to find - that is, until you find a discount shopping mall. Saving consumers money by offering "guaranteed-to-work" cash back. Now, as part of its ongoing mission to save consumers both time and money, the DHS discount shopping mall announces its newest tool to be added to the bargain-hunter's ; a build in search engine.

When you click on the specific product, you will get a list of the stores in the mall that sell that product! Obviously, hundreds of stores and thousands of product key words and phrases have had to be researched and thousands of data entries made, so that the members will have this incredibly thorough, search capability. Add to this the new key word product search and new listings which will show with a glance, which stores have discount shopping mall "member only" and coupon code special offers, or which ones have a free shipping offer, or which ones have a sale going on, or which ones offer gift cards, or even which ones are in a language different than that Mall's country's native language, and you have a shopping portal that provides tremendous convenience for the shopper. Add it all up, and with each shopper able to earn reward points on their purchases, the discount shopping mall will have combined the three biggest incentives for Internet shopping - convenience, trust and value!.

Ruud is a home business entrepreneur who connects retailers and consumers online in the discount shopping mall. With plans coming up in 2008 for Worldwide distribution of discount cards. He likes to help people start up their own home based business and make money online. Hundreds of visitors profit the free discounts or start their own internet business. Please visit also kortingen

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