Fundamental Guide to Bowling for Beginners

Did you ever think of playing the game of bowling? Here you can find out how you can bowl correctly and to improve your game quickly if you are a beginner. This article can help you to teach a thing or two about how to play the game of bowling. Go ahead and read it and I hope it will be very helpful to you to develop you skill of bowling.

When a person is a beginner at bowling, there are a number of details at which he should work and of which he should think, if he wishes to bowl correctly and to improve quickly. I have listed below a number of these details and, if strict attention is paid to them, the average beginner may cut his "apprenticeship" to a fraction of the time ordinarily spent in learning the game. Fundamentals come first.

Check constantly on the fundamentals which are the very back- bone of your game. Once you have mastered these fundamentals, you can move on to finer bowling such as playing alleys, etc. You cannot do these until you have perfected your fundamentals.

They are the ABC's of bowling. Use a straight ball until you become consistent. This is good advice unless you have a natural hook. You can learn to control a straight ball quicker and you can learn to hit spares sooner. You can also concentrate on fundamentals at the same time, which is a difficult job when one is trying to throw a hook or curve.

After you have mastered the straight ball, you can start putting "stuff" on the ball. Experiment with a three-step, four-step and a five-step delivery. You will need to experiment until you find the delivery best suited to you. For the average bowler, the following distances are approximately correct for the starting position in the various deliveries: For a three-step, eight to ten feet from the foul line; for a four-step, ten to twelve feet back; and for a five-step, twelve to sixteen feet. These distances apply to a bowler of average size and stride. If your own size and stride are not average, make your own adjustments to fit.

Play spare shots from the correct basic angles. Play the 7-pin spare from the right-hand side to "give it the entire alley possible," and the 10-pin, from the left-hand side. Increase your chances of success by playing the percentages in your favor whenever and wherever you can. Do not release the ball until after it has passed your left foot.

You have two advantages here. First, the ball is out on the alley bed where it should be, and second, it is in front of you, giving you a better direction on your target. Just how far past the foul line the ball should be released varies with the size of the bowler, the speed with which he approaches the foul line, the speed and length of his footwork, and the number of steps taken. A six-foot man, for instance, with long arms and long legs, might naturally release the ball two feet past the foul line, while a five-footer, who has short arms and takes short steps, might release it two inches past the line. Each man is correct. Work to perfect a natural, easy delivery.

The only way to learn consistency is to bowl naturally with an easy style that allows you to be more consistent and to hold that consistency. Be natural don't try to ape a delivery just because some expert may be using it. Use your own style. Experiment with the pin and spot bowling systems. In this way you find out which is best for your game. There are many advocates of both styles whose success proves that their particular system is right for them.

Try both, and try the combination of the two, line bowling. After you have decided on one stick to it. And use it on every shot strike or spare.

The knowledge of how to play the games of bowling has been given here. The questions like the fundamentals of the game, how to become consistent using the straight ball, experiments with different delivery, play spare shots from the correct basic angles, work to perfect a natural, easy delivery and experimenting with the pin and spot bowling systems, etc. would help you to learn how to play the game of bowling better and develop you to maintain your consistency in performing.

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