Getting Together with Fun

Getting together is what children like to do. A child needs a friend with whom he can play and have fun with. As for teenager being together with friends is one of their interesting tasks, especially when Fun is involved. A game that is ridiculous to watch as well as do is called "Cotton Bowl." Place a large empty glass bowl in the center of a small table a card table will do.

Scatter around the bowl a quantity of cotton balls they can be purchased at a drug store. Blindfold each contestant, whirl him around three times and then hand him a large wooden spoon, announcing that he will have one minute to see how many cotton balls he can spoon into the bowl. Since the balls have no weight, many times the contestant will spoon furiously with nothing in his spoon. Let a score-keeper count the total numbers of balls the girls get into the bowl and the number the boys get into it.

The side with the greatest number wins the game. Almost everyone is familiar with tit tat toe, the game in which two players, using a drawn block of nine squares, compete to finish a line of Os or Xs before the opponent blocks the line. Here is a game of human tit tat toe that is fun for teen-agers.

Place three chairs in a row three chairs directly behind each of the first three chairs to make a second row. Complete the square by putting three more chairs directly behind the first two rows. You now have a tit-tat-toe square made of nine chairs. The first girl player sits in any chair of her choice. A boy player takes a chair of his choice, keeping in mind that he must sit so as to keep the girls from completing a row of three girls. The next girl tries to sit so as to continue the girls' line and block the boys.

Boys and girls alternate taking seats until either the girls or boys complete an unbroken line of three or, as is sometimes the case, all lines are blocked. Then the cat gets that game. The boys and girls will want to play this game over several times especially if the score is in favor of first one and then the other. By this time the crowd will be ready for a lively circle game called "Face to Face." The partners stand facing each other in one large circle. One odd player stands in the center and calls, "Face to face," "Back to back," "Face to face," "Back to back," the players taking their positions accordingly.

When he calls, "All change," the players must take new partners. The center player tries to get one too. If he succeeds, the person left without a partner must go into the center and give the commands.

About now announce that lunch is ready and the couples facing each other in the preceding game automatically become partners for lunch, which will be ready to eat buffet style. A substantial menu for these insatiable appetites can be sandwiches made with tuna-fish salad in Parker House rolls, crisp potato chips, dill pickles, with heaping dishes of ice cream, and generous slices of devil's-food cake. Be sure your supply of food is adequate because the guys at this party, if not the gals, will be back for seconds and maybe thirds. Before they leave, these young sprouts will be asking when they can come again for another such get-together. This type of gathering is sometimes necessary.

Children learn the value of friends and develop a sense of hospitality. It also helps them to strengthen their friendship.

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