How Do You Know When Its Time To End The Relationship

There are certain things in life that were not meant to be, how does one decide what was meant to be from what was not meant to be? We should rely on our judgment, because some relationships are meant to be and some relationships are not. I will discuss a few things which will aid you to determine what is best for you. Most relationships usually start on a good note, many couples may think they are in love but in many cases they do not know enough about the person they are dating to make this decision.

As time goes by you will learn many new things about your partner good and bad things. Many people will focus on the good things about their partner because it's the good things that attracted them to the person. But the bad things shouldn't be overlooked. As you start learning new things about your partner you should make a list of 10 things you like and 10 things you dislike about your partner. When you have compiled this list you must determine whether the good things outweigh the bad things. You should focus on the 10 things you dislike about your partner, if you can accept these imperfections of your partner then you can say you are truly in love with this person.

If you are unwilling to accept these imperfections you should strongly reconsider your relationship. Once you have created a strong bond with your partner things will work out fine in the relationship, but what will you do if things change in the future? How will you know when it's time to end the relationship and move on? 1. When you no longer look forward to speaking with your partner or seeing them on a regular basis. 2.

When you are consistently getting into fights and arguing with your partner about things you never fought about in the past. 3. When you feel like cheating on your partner because you are trying to punish them for something that has happened in the relationship. 4.

When you no longer feel emotionally / physically attracted to your partner. 5. When your partner is constantly lying or cheating on you. These are warning signs that should alert you that things have changed in the relationship, all to often we will ignore these signs because we are still in love.

If you have experienced any of these problems in your relationship you should speak to your partner about it. If these issues cannot be resolved you should consider ending the relationship on a good note. If you stay in an unhappy relationship too long it will make you miserable which will ultimately lead to anger and resentment.

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